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20th Anniversary of Kannisto.org!

– Petri Kannisto

I think it was 25 January in 2002 when the very first version of this website appeared. The website was far from what it's today, and even the name was something else. It was inspired by the various personal homepages that still existed in those days, representing the last breath of the 90's homepage culture and the early WWW. There was something very fascinating about WWW in those days, which had made me instanly fall in love with websites.

WWW and Internet have evolved a lot since 2002. Still, the basic technologies are very similar, i.e., HTTP and HTML with something else, although there is a bunch of new technologies, such as streaming videos (I think Youtube appeared a some 1-2 years after my website) and a load of interactive content. Well, this website doesn't need those, but otherwise the world has truly changed.

Kannisto.org remains active even in these days. Originally, the main content was games and some self-made levels or tracks for these. Associated with Kannisto.org, there used to be a separate website, TheUltimate.TK, dedicated for a single game. Even today, the legacy content page keeps some of this content. However, a homepage should follow the interests of the author, therefore I decided a few years ago that it should share information about my work and scientific articles. By the way, some article copyrights state that the personal homepage of an author is the only location where the article can be freely available. If you want to share your articles, it isn't a huge effort to set up some simple website, and Google Scholar can find all websites! Therefore, each publication author should consider this even if they had only a little ICT interest.

I don't think there are many visitors these days (probably fewer than in 2000's), but thank you anyway! This website is still here and active. We'll see if this is the case after another 20 years.