Software and Communications Platform for Simulation Environment of Complex Energy System (SimCES)

P. Kannisto, O. Hylli, V. Heikkilä, A. Supponen, T. Aaltonen, S. Repo, K. Systä, A. Keski-Koukkari, A. Safdarian, and A. Kulmala, "Software and Communications Platform for Simulation Environment of Complex Energy System (SimCES)", in 2021 IEEE Madrid PowerTech, 2021, pp. 1-6. doi:10.1109/PowerTech46648.2021.9495020

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Research project(s): ProCemPlus

Software: SimCES Simulation Platform


Message-oriented middleware; Power system simulation; Smart grids; Software architecture; Web services


Electricity networks are becoming more complex due to the integration of renewable and distributed energy resources, which necessitates tools to simulate more advanced management methods and multi-stakeholder interactions. To facilitate simulation, this article introduces a distributed communications platform. Unlike earlier platforms, this applies loose coupling and abstract software interfaces, enabling the users to flexibly select and parametrize simulation components. Furthermore, the components can operate on any software runtime. The components communicate via a RabbitMQ message bus, which provides asynchronous publish-subscribe communication. The work is in progress but has a functional prototype, enabling the simulation of an electricity grid and distributed energy resources. The prototypes under development will simulate the management of energy communities and electricity grids including the consideration of energy pricing, demand and weather conditions. The study contributes to the development of zero-emission energy systems and flexibility markets for grid operators and flexibility service providers.