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Discografia Framefork for Distributed Service Choreography Execution

Discografia is a distributed framework for the execution of service choreographies. This contributes to the functional interoperability of distributed, service-based systems.

The core idea is to model the choreographies with a visual yet machine-readable method. For this need, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is the best of the current alternatives.

Discografia supports the distributed execution with no centralized coordinator or orchestrator. That is, Discografia does not execute anything but each participant runs it own share of the choreography instead. For the execution, Discografia provides supportive services, such as choreography distribution, authorization, and monitoring.

A proof-of-concept demo exists here: https://gitlab.com/tau-tase/discografia! The figure below illustrates the demo process, where electric vehicles are routed to urban charging hubs depending on the load situation of the network and the currently applicable prices.

Executable BPMN process

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